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Seminar: Equality of Opportunity in Education (Wößmann/Werner)

Prof. Dr. Ludger Wößmann and Dr. Katharina Werner

Organizational meeting: 28 January, 2021
Block seminar: 21-23 June, 2021 at Fraueninsel im Chiemsee, Abtei Frauenwörth (if feasible - otherwise, by Zoom)


One of the main goals of education systems is to ensure that all children can reach their potential and succeed. Yet, education success remains closely linked to socio-economic background, with large potential implications for inequality later in life. This seminar will discuss recent research on education systems and their reforms, with a particular focus on studies that rely on up-to-date microeconometric analysis. Examples of topics that will be covered include reforms of compulsory schooling laws, reforms of school tracking, child-care expansion reforms, and increases in educational spending

Prerequisite: content of lecture "Economics of Education"

Recommended: interest in econometrics


The seminar is expected to be supported by the Hanns Martin Schleyer-Stiftung and the Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung within the Universitas-Förderinitiative "Dialog Wissenschaft und Praxis".