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Empirical Development Economics


Dr. Sven Resnjanskij


The course is a "hands-on applied econometrics course", which utilizes examples from the field of Development Economics to understand advanced methods in econometrics. We will implement some techniques in Stata in the course. The course will closely follow the book by Söderbom, Mans and Francis Teal (2015). You can download the book for free and check its content here:



The tutorials will be mixed into the lectures. Hence, we will cover new material in both appointments and will do some practical work (e.g. in Stata), when it fits best to the lecture material. Appointments take place in a CIP pool.


Söderbom, Mans and Francis Teal. 2015. Empirical development economics. London: Routledge (required reading!). The book is available as hardcopy and ebook in the LMU library.


Econometrics; Applied Microeconomics

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... will be made available on moodle (link will be posted on the LSA)