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Schwerpunktseminar Cultural Diversity and Economic Outcomes


Dozent: Dr. Francesco Cinnirella

The intensity of fractionalization and polarization across ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups have been associated with different economic outcomes such as economic growth, the quality of governance, the provision of public goods, and the prevalence of civil conflict. Economic theory and empirical works have shown that cultural diversity is also a source of complementarities in abilities, experiences, and culture which lead to higher levels of creativity and innovation. In this Schwerpunktseminar we explore in detail the economic costs and benefits of having a culturally diversified society. In particular we explore the effect of immigration on wages, productivity, innovation, and crime in the receiving country; the effect of ethnic, linguistic, religious fractionalization on conflicts, the production and allocation of public goods, and innovation. Finally we investigate the interrelationship between social capital, trust, and development. In the Schwerpunktseminar we shall put particular emphasis on the econometric approaches used to identify causal effects. Therefore, a strong interest in microeconometric methods is a requirement for a profitable participation.

Die Vorbesprechung findet am 12.07. von 14-16 Uhr in der Schackstr. 4, Raum 406 (4. St.) statt.

Mit der Übernahme des Themas sind Sie verbindlich zu diesem Schwerpunktseminar angemeldet. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu unbedingt folgende Hinweise des Prüfungsausschusses: http://www.isc.uni-muenchen.de/files/allgemein/verbindliche_seminaranmeldung.pdf